Colorful photo art with a twist


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Robin Vandenabeele
Gent, Belgium

A vivid interest in graphic art at a young age later led to a desire to create own artworks. Photography was portable, fast and fun and also aided in preserving memories by documenting key moments and projects so it became the tool of choice for creating visual art. I learned the craft with film cameras in the early 2000's by burning through film rolls and reading all available literature and photo books to hone my camera skills and learn about new techniques. Looking for innovative ways to create new compositions, a distinct double exposure technique became the technique of choice to create unique new art. By blending the light and shadow parts of an image with a rotated copy of itself in the camera and thus often amplifying the visual impact of it, I create abstract and sometimes even surreal versions of familiar surroundings and landscapes at the times of exposure.

Using a distinct double exposure technique I aim to offer a reinterpretation of reality through the medium of photography. My technique consist of taking two same, consecutive images with a rotation in between, resulting in surreal and dreamy double exposure artworks.

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Fira International d'Arte Barcelona 24-25/08/2023


Voyage en creationie 09/2022
Brugotta, Burg Brugge 03/2022
Balthasar Art space Brussels 2021
Art Ghent 02-03/2021
Chateau Fayard  Bruges 07/2021
Kunsthal Gent 07-08/2021
Art Shopping at Carrousel du Louvre Paris 06/2021
Sonia Monti Gallery Paris 04/2021
Art Ghent 02/2021
Fotonale Brugge 2018
Trieste Photo fringe 2018
The Motel collection UK
Purephoto US


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